Care Instructions

Care Instructions | MAKETHEMAKE


Clean your brushes frequently with a mild shampoo designed for brushes and be sure to squeeze out the water properly afterwards. Let them dry by laying them down flat on a towel. The brushes are going to last longer if you take good care of them and keep them clean, this also means that your makeup will always be applied hygienically onto your skin. Ours brushes also come in a practical case you can store them in when not in use, which is hygienic and increases the brushes’ lifespan.

You can take care of your makeup brushes easily with our Weekly Brush Cleanser:

Add a couple of drops of brush shampoo to a little warm water in your Brush Cleansing Bowl. Massage the brushes against the bottom of the bowl in a circular motion to create a foam that quickly removes residual makeup and dirt. Thoroughly rinse the brush and then gently squeeze out the remaining water with a tissue or towel. Shape the bristles and allow them to dry on a flat surface.


Between shampoos it is advised to spray the brush with an antibacterial cleaning spray specially designed for makeup tools, a job that's perfect for our Quick Brush Freshener!