Peptide Power Play Mascara & Primer Duo

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Peptide Power Play Mascara and Primer Duo is a kit with a mascara and a primer to get maximum effect.


The primer maximizes the length of the eyelashes and makes them thicker before applying the mascara. The pink color helps to highlight every single lash and makes it easier to apply mascara. The mascara stimulates hair growth for longer and fuller lashes. With the intense black formula, it gives each lash an intense volume and length.

  • Duo with Peptide Power Play Mascara & Peptide Volume Builder Mascara Primer
  • The primer maximizes the length of the lashes
  • The mascara stimulates hair growth and gives each lash intense volume and length

Choose a brush for mascara to tailor the need for the definition and appearance of the eyelashes. The brushes can not be bought separately, only together with the mascara. This is to avoid possible contamination of bacteria or other particles if the brush is not stored in the product.

- Coned Brush, provides precision and maximum volume. Due to its conical design, the brush also reaches the small lashes, curls them evenly and gives an intense look.

- Curved Brush, is an all-in-one brush that immediately gives maximum volume and curl to the eyelashes. It lifts, lengthens and curls each lash to an intense look.

- Elastic Brush, provides full contact with the eyelashes to grab and evenly color from root to tip for a bold and buildable volume.

Value: 38€


The primer helps the mascara to reach its full potential!